The Return

Stage Play by Alex Jones

Play Synopsis:

A short play, literally written in a couple of hours for the '14/48 World's Quickest Theatre Festival' at the Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton. I have also adapted it for a short film, as yet unproduced.

A chilling supernatural story'. Two sisters are at the deathbed of their mother together with a Macmillan nurse as she suffers her last moments in terrible pain. Their mother is hoping that her wayward youngest daughter will turn up to say farewell before she passes on, but sadly she dies before she arrives. The younger sister racked with guilt, alone with her mother's body. begs for her to return in order to forgive her. She gets her wish, but as before her mother is still racked with pain and as the morphine begins to run out, the sisters begin to wonder if they should help her depart again... only to their horror they discover it's not that easy.

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